Job Manager Highlight: BlueTree Search

BlueTree Search recently re-launched their site with the help of Stripe Creative, switching from plain HTML to WordPress as a CMS. Along the way, they decided to bring their job listing in-house. Initially, this client asked us to add a job posting section to the web site we developed for them a few years ago. Our […]

Job Manager 0.6 Released

AKA: The “so many features, so little time” release. Here are some of the major features that have been added: Custom Job Fields. Like the Application Form, you can now add custom fields to Jobs, so you can display the information that is pertinent to your organisation. Job and Job List Templates. You can now […]

Job Manager 0.5 Released

AKA: “The Mother of All Changelogs” release. Go on, look at it. It’s huge. This has been the first time I’ve made beta releases on the system, and I think it’s been quite successful. I’ve had some good feedback over the past few days, and fixed several bugs, without affecting user’s production systems. Naturally, […]

Job Manager 0.4.0 Released

AKA: The “this blog is turning into a Job Manager announcement list” release. This release involves a pile of under-the-hood changes: Re-write of the entire data storage routines to use default WordPress tables – no more creation of custom tables! Because of the above, Job Manager now requires WordPress 2.9. That’s cool, because you’ve all […]

Job Manager 0.3.0 Released

*sniffles* It’s growing up so quickly! This new release sees a few new features: Framework for supporting additional functionality through plugins Support for Sitemaps, through Google XML Sitemaps POT file added, for translations On top of that, a pile of bug fixes. The Changelog has all the details. As always, the Job Manager home page […]