Job Manager HOWTO: Customizing the Job List

A common problem I hear people having with Job Manager is that they don’t know how to customize how the Job List looks. In this post, I’ll try to break down how to write your own Job List templates, so you can get it looking pretty.

First of all, open your wp-admin, and go to Job Manger->Settings->Display Settings. Scr0ll down to the box called Job Templates. Like many other plugins allow in Posts and Pages, Job Manager templates use shortcodes. All of the shortcodes are described in this text box, but I’ll only be using a handful of them here to demonstrate.

The default template shows an expanded view of each job, but many sites only want a summary table, so people can click through to the job. Here’s an example of that:

To start with, decide which fields you want to show in the table. From the default fields, you might decide to use the Job Title, the Location, and the Start Date. On a default installation of Job Manager, these have the shortcodes [job_title], [job_field4] and [job_field2], respectively.

Now we can start writing our template. Start with the table header:

Notice that we’ve used the job_fieldi_label shortcodes. These will be replaced by the Field Labels you can define in Job Form Settings.

Next up, we need to define the Job Loop. [job_loop] is a special tag, because it has a start tag ([job_loop]) and an end tag ([/job_loop]). Everything between those tags will be repeated for every job being displayed, which means we only have to write the HTML for one table row, like so:


Notice that we’ve also used the [job_link] tag, which will make the Job Title link to the full Job description.

Finally, we just need to close the table.

Title [job_field4_label] [job_field2_label]
[job_link][job_title][/job_link] [job_field4] [job_field2]

Naturally, you might choose to include extra things in your template, this is a very cut-down example. But hopefully it should give you some ideas for you how can expand the templating system to create wonderful new layouts!


  1. Very helpful. But how do you get a job title, salary to list on another page in your site that doesn’t use short codes if you’re not a full on PHP developer?

  2. Gary,

    Can the system allow for multiple applications? I have criteria to collect for one job but not another.



  3. As in, can it show different Application Form fields for two different jobs? Yes.

    Put the jobs in two different categories, then in Settings->App. Form Settings, select the corresponding category you want the form fields to appear in. If a field doesn’t have a category selected, it will automatically appear in all.

  4. Hi Gary,

    I’ve installed the plugin (V 0.7.17) on WP 3.1 and am getting page not found (404) errors if i click on a category for example. Quick question – is this a known issue (on these releases) or should i persevere in trying to resolve.



  5. Hi Gary,

    Following up on that last comment the 404 prob was happening when testing using a subdomain. I’ve tried it again on a primary domain and it works ok there.



  6. Gary, great plug-in

    How do we go about integrating it with Twitter. Would like to have each new job posted automatically with Twitter, so we would need to shorten the URL too.

    Future Feature ???


  7. Any twitter plugin capable of working with custom post types can do that – it just needs to tweet about new post types of type ‘jobman_job’.

  8. Hi Gary,

    Great plugin. Thanks for the template.
    I would like extend the template by adding an excerpt of the Job Information. Is it possible to add a shortcode field with n characters of Job information?

  9. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the great plug in! I’m brand new to the internet and thought it’d be a good idea to build my own website. Needless to say, it’s been a lot more difficult that I thought but your plugin and your threads have been very helpful!

  10. Hello Gary,

    Great plugin, I use the job-manager for one of my websites.

    Can you update us when you will release version 0.8?

    I want to change /apply/ into /solliciteer/ (dutch). Which file do I have to edit to change this?



  11. Gary,

    Why on the job page is there no area to put the “job description”… I have watched tutorials on your plugin and they all show that you can enter a job description when you are on the jobs page.

  12. I have just started to design my first ever wordpress site and i have installed the job manager.

    I have now got the jobs to list, although in an ideal world i would like them to display in a table, with borders, is this possible?

  13. There are WordPress plugins that support auto-posting to Facebook/Twitter. They need to support custom posts, configure them to watch the ‘jobman_job’ post type.

    The best way to post a list of jobs to a site automatically would probably be to use the RSS feed, and an appropriate WordPress plugin to grab and use it. The feed is here:

  14. Where exactly is the Start Date field located? When looking at BlueTree and other example sites, there start dates are left blank.

    I added [job_field2] to my Job List section and it just shows up on the Jobs page as [job_field2]. It doesn’t pull any information.

    Then I started thinking, where do you even enter Start Date information with this plugin? I can not seem to find that info anywhere on the plugin. The closest thing is the Display Start Date, but that controls the date that the job will start to appear on the site.

    Thanks for any help.


  15. I’m using the sort by location option for my jobs list but I’m just getting a jumbled up list instead.

    Is there a way to fix this or another way to get my jobs to list by location?



  16. Hi

    I’m having problem with jobs sorting.
    I sorted the jobs by Date Posted with ascending order so that every new job should be on top. But its sorting gets abnormal when page navigation is applied.
    Some of the new posts are on first page and some of the new posts are on second page.
    Any solution to display new jobs on top of the first page? Like normally pagination behaves…

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Gary,
    Please help me… Issue is reported in the above post.
    I urgently need to resolve this issue.
    Remaining theme functionality is perfect.


  18. Hello

    I have this pluggin installed but the jobs are being listed towards the bottom of the page – how do I make them appear at the top??

  19. Should I be creating a new page template with the code listed above? If so, where do I put the new template? In my original theme folder or in a child theme?

    OR am I supposed to edit the Default Job Listing page template. If that is the case what code stays, what goes and where does the new code go.

    The description posted above by Gary is very clear – but lacks direction on how, what and where to put the new code?


  20. To answer my own question. You take the code listed above and paste it over the existing code in the box called Job Templates.

    No need to create a new template — just use Job Templates box found under Dispay settings. Delete the code found there and replace with the snippet found above.

  21. This is a fantastic plugin, very simple and to the point! There are 2 things i’d love to see though! Maybe you can make the first one a paid add on seeing as it would be awesome, and i’d feel weird not paying for it. Though a donation might be on the way. Anyways I think social integration would be amazing. Services like bullhorn have this,Basically when a job is posted, have it auto publish to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, the usual suspects of social sites..But then also post it to free job boards like simply hired. This would be amazing if you could include this! I currently have my RSS page from the jobs page feeding to google feed burner then have that publish to the companies Twitter. It’s a big run around and doesn’t support all the networks i’d like.

    Thank You!

  22. When I am trying to add a new job, all the editor buttons in the ‘job information’ pane have disappeared and when I type text it is white.

    Any ideas?

  23. Thanks for a great plugin. I’ve successfully integrated it to Twitter however one of my custom fields is location – is it possible to send this to twitter? I’ve tried adding [[job_field4]] as suggested in in the wp to twitter instructions but it doesn’t work. Would be great to get this working – and happy to donate.

  24. l am tryin to install your plugin in a new website l am building for a recruitment site – but l have done all there is in installing plugins – but my short codes still shows in the raw state on the pages l paste on them anything wrong with the way l have installed it ? l have tried other shortcodes from the theme – seems ok
    l need your help.
    website link

    1. Hello, I’m going through now this error. With permalinks -> default paging works correctly forward but with permalinks -> name entry, go to the home of my wordpress URL as if built by the plugin does not exist.

      Have you managed to fix someone and how?.

      Thank you.

  25. Hi Gary.

    Plugin is great, I need help how to manually associate the pages to plugin.

    Please help on this it would be great.


  26. Gary – we are looking at using this plug in. Do you have a list of websites that are using it? I would love to see how folks are executing.


  27. Thanks.
    I want to add a custom field named image, this mean the ad as a image, so i want to upload this image as a thumbnail and full image with enlargement, slideshow, can you help me

  28. in Add job Application Email? If Application Email not exist I want to hide the apply now link. Please help me.

  29. Hi Gary,

    Thankyou for the great plugin.

    Need some help from you.

    i need the job list in 2 column ( next to 1st column ) How can i do that ? in css i tried but nothing happen ?

    also how can i remove more button from job information section ( even if i specified lenth for information ). because i need move down readmore button bit down.

    Waiting for your reply.

  30. Gary,
    I like your plugin and was easy to install. However, multiple mac’s now showing my website as containing malware and my PC’s show a trojan virus.

    Is your file on WP site compromised?

    Thought you might want to know.

  31. Disregard the previous post. My site was hacked but was only temporally related. My apologies. Will restore with back up and re install your plugin.

  32. Gary,

    Thanks for the great plugin.!!!

    I am facing some difficulties, need help.

    I need to display job list in two different format. ( home and job )

    For example in home page should be two column list and other page should be one column list.

    I have HTML codes for both. But i can see only one option for adding codes under disply settings.

    where i can add other and how can i create another template for new job list formate.

    Suresh M

  33. if visitor click on Register appears only 2 fields, I require complete form as login person got by clicking on “apply Now”. plz help

  34. Hi Gary,

    I love your plugin, I use it all the time and donated last year. I was wondering how you make the application fields have their own line when displayed in the email that gets sent when a user applys for a job.? At the moment they are all on the same line.

    And how can you allow for the heading fields to be displayed in the email as well? or even the blank space field?

    Ive tried everything haha 🙂

    Cheers. Mel.

  35. I want to make required fields of Login and Register page. So please help me how to make these fields required.

    Thanks in Advance.

  36. Hi Gary

    I have the plugin working successfully and it has been great! I am wanting to customize the way the jobs are displayed though. Is it possible to display the application form for a spacific job under the job description?

    So it would be Job Template followed by Application Form Template all on the same page?



  37. Hey Gary,

    Love Job Manager, I have dl twitter to wordpress and connected. How do i get my jobs to appear as tweets? I see you said in a previous message that ‘jobman_job’ should be used. But where.. I am sorry as its prob a really stupid question but its annoying me!!



  38. I am using Job Manager and when someone fills out the job application the email goes to my WordPress admin email address and not to the default email in the Job Manager default settings.

      1. OK………….now when submitting the job app it works with my email address and it works with someone else’s email address but it won’t send to the customer’s email address.

  39. Sorry, but where exactly do you enter the shortcodes? It doesn’t work if I enter them directly on the page where I want the job listing, nor does it work when I enter it in the editor files since they are all in html. Hope you can help me out here!

  40. I have install the job manager plugin, how to i show job list in my custom templates eg:ample_joblist.php

  41. I have install the job manager plugin, I need create 3 pages of dashboard, one that listings jobs of dashboard where the region is “Evento”, one that listings jobs of dashboard where the region is “Offerta” and one that listings jobs of dashboard where the region is “Promo”.How I can create 3 different query of select for this problem? Thank you in advance.

  42. I want to use tabs job posting page, I installed one plugin it’s working on page and posts but it does not working on job posting page. Please can somebody help me out.

    Thanks in advance

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