Job Manager 0.7 Released

AKA: The “No Unifying Theme” release.

Along those lines, there are a bunch of varied new features!

  • Interview Scheduling – Easily keep track of who you’re interviewing and when, with interview ratings and internal comments
  • Comments – Keep internal comments on interviews and applications, so you’re easily able to aggregate and recall thoughts on each applicant
  • Support – If you’re a VIP customer, and you want to bring your hiring process back in house, drop me a line, I’d be happy to discuss any features you need, or assist you setting it up.
  • Application Form Templating – If you’d like to customise the look of your application form, you can. Build a mad-libs style form! (The potential benefits of which are briefly discussed here.)
  • Jobs Per Page – If you’re showing lots of jobs, you might want to split them up into multiple pages.

As always, the Changelog has all the juicy details!

The big feature in the next version will be the ability to create a public job site for (optionally) charging people to post jobs on your site. If you have ideas or suggestions for how you’d like to see this work, check out the Roadmap and leave comments on the appropriate issue.

Version 0.8 will have a slightly longer development cycle than previous versions – I expect the stable release to be out in early July. I’m travelling for much of the next 6 weeks, so rather than making promises I can’t keep, I’ll push feature development for 0.8 until June. I’ll still be fixing any bugs that crop up in 0.7, of course.

There are several more translations in progress, I’ll be releasing them as they’re completed, throughout the 0.7 lifecycle. On a related note, the German translation needs someone to keep it up to date – if you speak German and have some time to translate strings, please contact me!

For now, go and upgrade to version 0.7, and let me know what you think!


  1. I can’t find any shortcode to add captcha in custom styling application form. Captcha not showing even i switch it back to default application form.
    Anyone any idea?

  2. Have just started using this. Like it. How would i go about getting performance statistics? Like counts of jobs. Counts of applicants. Percentages of applicants by rating. and etc… also, is there a way to download certain data for analysis off-line in Excel, foe example?


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