PonyEdit: It’s really fast

Over the past few months, a friend and I have been hard at work on a new breed of text editor that we call PonyEdit. If you’ve ever found yourself cursing over the lag of working on remote cloud servers, this is the editor for you.

It’s not just another SFTP editor…

Reading and writing files over SFTP is nothing new; dozens of text editors can do it. But it’s always slow, clunky and feels like the feature was bolted on as an afterthought. You’ll find yourself using separate shortcuts to open files locally vs remotely, and dealing with sometimes painful save times with every edit, no matter how minor.

PonyEdit gets rid of this terribly slow method of working by connecting over SSH, and using edit streaming to push changes to the server in the background as-you-type.

Head on over to PonyEdit.com to download a free trial, and let me know what you think! Oh, and…

Stand by to have your mind blown.