Replacing Rdio

I guess we’ve all heard of the impending demise of Rdio. As one of the 500k subscribers with good taste in their streaming apps, it’s now time to consider a replacement. Here are my criteria – some of them may vary for you, but it’ll hopefully give you an idea for how you can choose,… Continue reading Replacing Rdio

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What I’m Listening To

That 1 Guy – Packs A Wallop! Heavy metallic beats, rocking guitar, gravel filled voice – there’s no mistaking this for anything other than That 1 Guy‘s latest album. Unlike his previous albums, which consisted of songs that had been performed and refined in front of audiences, Packs A Wallop! was composed and constructed entirely… Continue reading What I’m Listening To

The Bedroom Philosopher @ The Northcote Social Club

After a year away from Melbourne’s live music scene, it’s taking me a little bit to get back into the routine. Last time, I forgot my earplugs and camera. This time, I only forgot my camera. Hopefully the next gig will involve me not forgetting anything! But in the mean time, you get some slightly… Continue reading The Bedroom Philosopher @ The Northcote Social Club

Yohosie at The Tote, with Boom Pretty

This makes the second show of Yohosie‘s May residency at The Tote, and they’re rocking it. First band up was Innerspace, with their rather loud wakeup for the neighbours. Sadly, they were a bit too loud for the small venue, I couldn’t really hear their music. Going by the recordings available on their MySpace, I… Continue reading Yohosie at The Tote, with Boom Pretty