The Bedroom Philosopher @ The Northcote Social Club

After a year away from Melbourne’s live music scene, it’s taking me a little bit to get back into the routine. Last time, I forgot my earplugs and camera. This time, I only forgot my camera. Hopefully the next gig will involve me not forgetting anything! But in the mean time, you get some slightly lower quality photos and video, courtesy of my phone.

First up for the evening’s lineup was Pinky Beecroft and The White Russians. As a long time fan of Pinky’s work, it’s always a pleasure to see them on stage, tonight was no exception.

04092010006.jpgAs he mentioned in the above clip, Pinky was in a good mood, so didn’t grumble too much when the traditional Melbourne request for a Machine Gun Fellatio song came up (in this case, Unsent Letter). With a little luck it won’t scare The White Russians off from performing here again in the near future!

04092010008.jpgUp next were The Boat People. Sadly, they were a bit underwhelming after The White Russians. The music was okay, but not spectacular. Girl jeans are a bad look on guys – the lack of room for boy bits makes for the rather unattractive “pocket dong” look. That said, they did finish on a strong note, their last song, Born in the 80s (from their previous album) was pretty rockin’.

Finally, the main act: The Bedroom Philosopher. I hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing him live, having only heard a couple of songs on JJJ. The public transport theme was cool, with his backing band (The Awkwardstra) dressed in old MET uniforms. I’m also a big fan of any band that can bring on a brass section, even if they only managed a couple of trumpets.

05092010017.jpgSadly, the gig was marred a little by a (Crazy fan?  Jilted lover? Belligerent drunk? All of the above?), named Bridget, who felt the urge to interrupt, squeal and make a nuisance of herself, even when asked to stop by the band and the crowd. Bridget, if you’re reading this, stop doing that. You’re kind of ruining it for everyone else.

Luckily, the gig got right back on track, culminating in a magnificent “Pyramid of Power”!

A few more photos available here.

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