WordPress Job Manager Plugin

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A plugin for managing jobs on your WordPress site. It supports all the features you need to manage your organisation’s job openings:

  • Job Listing
    • Categories to create multiple job boards
    • Jobs can be filed under multiple categories
    • Icons can be assigned to jobs, to make them stand out in the listing
    • Customisable fields, so you can display information about your jobs specific to your situation
    • Powerful templating system, allowing you to control the look and feel of your jobs and job boards
    • Widgets to fit into your WordPress theme
  • Job Management
    • Jobs can be defined to display between certain dates, or indefinitely
    • Simple admin interface for editing, updating and creating jobs
    • Jobs can be easily archived or made public as needed
  • Applications
    • Applicants can apply through the website, using a form that you can customize, so you get the information you need
    • Advanced filtering on application forms, to ensure you only get applications that match your criteria: Documentation
    • Upon successful application, you can be emailed the details, so you’re always up to date with new applicants
  • Applicant Management
    • Simple interface for viewing all applicants
    • List can be filtered based on any criteria in your custom application form
    • Email individuals or groups of candidates, to keep them updated on new job opportunities in your organisation
    • Interview scheduling, linked directly to jobs and applications
    • Internal comments, for easy reference when you need to decide


WordPress Jedi

Akiva (French)

Geekeries (French)

Sample Sites


BlueTree Search

CommTech Services

Global Vocational Services


Danish Translation, provided by Christian Olesen and Caspar Lange
Dutch Translation, provided by Patrick Tessels and Henk van den Bor
Estonian Translation, provided by Robert Jakobson
French Translation, provided by Fabrice Fotso and Vincent Clady
German Translation, provided by tolingo translations and Joachim Richter
Portuguese (Brazil) Translation, provided by Alex Ferreira
Spanish Translation, provided by TradiArt
Swedish Translation, provided by Berndt Axelsson


  1. Hi, nice job template. Which file or feature controls the stylesheet of the job template? Trying to change the color of the job template background and the one of the text. Thanks

  2. Hi,

    I have been using your job plugin and I love it.

    I was having a strange experience with the text being vertical instead of horizontal in the “applications” tab.

    Could you email me to help me resolve?

    Reference ID 506 on the development page.


  3. this plug-in is awesome.

    I’m just wondering when you will be able to update it to version 8 with feature the employer can post the jobs.

    this feature is great and I would love to pay for it.

  4. Thank you for this great plugin, I have installed it and looks great.
    The problem I just discovered is that the “next page” is redirecting to the home page of my website, probably not recognised. What can I do please

    Also would like to know how I can put the list (just job titles) to my home page, the code to do so.

    Thank you

  5. Where might I edit this to show the date submitted when I’m viewing the entire list of applications? Thanks

  6. I have tried the plug in; it is a useful plug in.
    The import to CSV function doesn’t seem to function when entries get to about 500 and above; or am I missing out something?

  7. I have installed it and looks great.
    The problem I just discovered is that the “next page” is redirecting to the home page of my website, probably not recognized. What can I do please.

  8. How to customized the page template in Job Manger Plugin – I Use Wootique Theme in that default page template is double side. I would like to use the other page template like full width for the Job Manager.

    I applied for the full width template in Settings menu in job manager as wish like full width. After the job listing is good, once i click the apply button for the job it loads the job application form to fill out. But it was opening in default page template.

    I want to change the page template in application form.

    Guide me friends.

  9. Hi , I need to know, if there is any plugin which enables users to post jobs on my website. A plugin which creates a post jobs page automatically after installation.

    Kind Regards

  10. I would gladly donate to help a user enabled job posting. We’ve been looking for one for our site for a while now.

  11. Hi with the new update to WP3.6 Job Manager is not working… Will you fix it? We love the tool, but now we’re unable to use it

  12. Hi,

    I am using one of your plugin for WordPress (WP Job Manager). I got stuck in the middle of my implementation. I would like to add a custom control(drop down) on Sign up page of my website.

    I did add the field but unfortunately, i have no idea at what point this plugin is saving values in the database and with the help of which function.

    If anybody could explain me this flow, it will be a great help.


  13. I’m having a problem where the categories that I enter into this plugin do NOT stay after I save the changes. In addition, The Highlighted jobs will not show using the widjet

  14. Has anybody experienced the plugin being hacked? I am running it on a site that was hacked, somehow fake jobs are getting posted regularly. I’ve changed all passwords (WP, database, FTP) but as soon as I put the site back on the main domain more fake jobs appear. Any ideas?

  15. Is job manager compatible with 3.7? I see in the repository that it says it goes to 3.3.2. Thinking about installing and just wondered if it was compatible or would be soon. Thanks!

  16. Why does this upload to the default upload folder in wordpress ? this means that you cannot product the CVs you get uploaded and so if someone guesses the name of the file then download the CV 🙁

  17. Hello Gary

    This one is great plugin

    can i Translate this plugin in Greek language ?

    it is posible to translate this plugin in any other languages to with all fiels name’s?

  18. Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, no array or string given in /home/sociotea/public_html/wp-content/plugins/job-manager/functions.php on line 42

    Plugin is not working along with DW Questions and Answers, please check.

  19. You should make this plugin commercial, the little i have seen is very nice.The bad thing is the permalink is broken. I can’t use it with 3.8 wordpress. is this going to developed further or is it dead?

  20. hi, I activate the plugin and make a page “jobs” and added shortcode [submit_job_form] .But after submitting the job, preview of job is not working and printe me this string on the page “wp-content\plugins\wp-job-manager/templates/content-single-job_listing.php” on same page. Please tell me why not it is showing preview or preview is not working.

  21. hey. How do I create a page for the jobs board? do we have a short code or something? or do we go about t?

  22. Hello,
    I’m trying to export some Jobs and Applications to another site, is there an easy way to do this?

  23. This is an excellent plugin and have been using it for years. I’ve noticed though that it seems to be sending duplicate job applications. Is anyone else experiencing this or know how to fix it?

  24. Anyone found away to embed this into a existing website? Ive tired a couple options but when I pick the Job listing page to embed it just displays the “Hi! This page is used by your Job Manager plugin as a base. Feel free to change settings here, but please do not delete this page. Also note that any content you enter here will not show up when this page is displayed on your site.” message and not the jobs. I’ve gotten the widgets to embed using the widgets on page plugin but id like to have the whole jobs page embeded with the apply links.

  25. Do you have shortcode to display the job listing in a page. And the job listing page is displaying

    “Hi! This page is used by your Job Manager plugin as a base. Feel free to change settings here, but please do not delete this page. Also note that any content you enter here will not show up when this page is displayed on your site.”

    and not the job list it self.

  26. Hello i am Interested in installing this Plugin on my Clients website. But However the sample site that you have Given-


    The above sample website has a feature where one can Upload up to 10 files while submitting applications But when I installed it on my wordpress theme I can’t see such a feature?

  27. is there something we need to do specifically to allow a WordPress “user” to access the applicaiton to add jobs, and edit jobs?

  28. SI Captcha is not displaying when I put my HTML form to Application Form Template box. If I don’t put HTML to Application Form Template then Captcha showing. Please help how to put captcha when I have HTML to Application Form Template.

  29. Declaration plugin

    Is there a declaration plugin that suits this plugin? I want to use the website for freelancers, who can declare the costs via the website. The forms should be stored in a database.

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