PonyEdit: A New Beginning

PonyEdit has always been a labour of love for Mark and I. We wanted to build the code editor that we wanted to use for our jobs – fast, clean and as at home in the cloud as it is on the desktop. We absolutely feel we’ve succeeded here – PonyEdit the primary editor for both of us, as well as for a bunch of friends. Sadly, however, PonyEdit was never a commercial success. We made a handful of sales over the years, but certainly not enough to pay for server costs, nevermind enough to pay ourselves anything!

When we first started working on PonyEdit, we decided that we’d try to make a commercial success of it, but if that didn’t work out, we’d Open Source it. And so, that day has come. Effective immediately, PonyEdit is now up on GitHub, released under the GPLv3 licence.

So, what does that mean for the future?

For us? Not much. We’ll still keep doing the same thing with PonyEdit – bug fixes as it needs them, features as we decide we want them.

For you? Pretty much the same. We’ve already transferred Automatic Updates to pull from GitHub, so you won’t see any difference. If you feel the sudden urge to dive into the code, Mark and I are always happy to have a chat with you.

Do you mean it?

You betcha. We’re PonyEdit’s most active users, so we’re going to keep on maintaining it. Sadly, though, it does mean that regular Windows and Linux builds have fallen by the wayside. If you’re a Windows or Linux user with an urge to build your own editor, we’d love to hear from you!

So, that’s about all there is to say. Be excellent to each other!

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  1. Hi!

    Firstly, apologies for tracking you down here but I need your help! I’ve been slogging away for the past few months designing (for the first time with no experience :-\) a website for my soon to be launching recruitment business. I had hoped to use your Job Manager plugin but I’m using WordPress version 3.8 and when it didn’t work (my inexperience meant it didn’t occur to me not to update to the latest version before checking compatibility) I checked with your support area and a few comments had been left suggesting they thought perhaps you weren’t going to update it further to keep it working? No idea if that is the case buuuuut, I can’t seem to find anything that fits my needs as well as Job Manager? HELP! More than happy to donate!

    If you can let me know either way that’d be brilliant.

    Thank you,

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