Automatic Updates

There are few people more excited than I about the recent WordPress 3.7 release – it’s amazing to see Automatic Updates land in WordPress Core, thanks to the hard work of Dion, Nacin, and the excellent testing and input of thousands of developers, we’ve shipped a great feature. With 3.7.1 being automatically rolled out as I type this, it’s truly amazing to see it all come to life on a grand scale.

So, with that now live onĀ millions of sites, what’s next for my old Automatic Updater plugin? Well, it still has some life in it yet. I’ve just released a version 1.0, which strips out all of the old update code in favour of the shiny new Core code, as well as adding a few new features. To match its new and evolved role, I’ve renamed it to Advanced Automatic Updates – it lets you into all of the advanced options that the Core Automatic Updates feature provides.

So, whether you’re a long time Automatic Updater user who wants to continue having a UI for setting up your preferred update options, or you’re a new user who wants to tweak the “under the hood” options of WordPress’ Automatic Updates, you should go ahead and download Advanced Automatic Updates now!

Advanced Automatic Updates can also be found on GitHub – pull requests accepted!


  1. help! i just installed advanced automatic updater 1.0 to my blog and boom! white screen. no access. what happened? how can i fix it?

    1. In FTP, cPanel, or however you upload things to your host, delete the wp-content/plugins/automatic-updater folder. If you have access to your server error logs, please email me at

  2. it worked. now, i would very much like to add the plugin. how can i do it without the white screen?

      1. If you’re using cPanel, there should be a button for “Error log” in the “Log files” section of the front page.

        If you can’t find it, I’d appreciate it if you could contact your host to get a copy of your error logs – that will hopefully help me track down the issue.

  3. What is the frequency of update checks? In other words when does your updater run? I have installed it on a few of my sites and after 24 hours still no updates. I assume it’s a chron job? I doe use several security layers (BPS, Better Security, and Sucuri) – I disabled the “Hide Updates” in Better Security as recommended. Just not seeing any auto updates. FYI, I also didn’t see the auto update (WP by itself) on other sites from 3.7 to 3.7.1. Is it possible that the 1and1 host somehow disables this?

    1. 12 hours, though there are a few conditions that can delay it. I’m planning on a future release to increase the frequency.

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