Job Manager 0.6 Released

AKA: The “so many features, so little time” release.

Here are some of the major features that have been added:

  • Custom Job Fields. Like the Application Form, you can now add custom fields to Jobs, so you can display the information that is pertinent to your organisation.
  • Job and Job List Templates. You can now completely customise the HTML that is produced for lists of jobs, and individual jobs. (If you build a cool template that you’d like to share, feel free to send it through – I’d like to build a database where people can easily browse through and choose the look-and-feel that they’re after for their job listing.)
  • Widgets. No more maintaining text widgets with links to your job categories, or lists of latest jobs.
  • Highlighted Jobs. You can now highlight important jobs, and stick them to the top of any job list they appear in.
  • CAPTCHA support, thanks to the excellent SI CAPTCHA plugin.

There are many more, check the Changelog for the complete list!

The development cycle for this version has been a little bumpy. Mid-way through, I decided to add Job Fields and Templates, the lack of which had been bugging me, but in order to meet the arbitrary deadline of “mid-February” for the 0.6 release (which I ended up only meeting with the first beta), I had to cut a few of the other features I had planned. That said, I think the process is getting smoother, and I’m certainly getting a lot of support from the WordPress community: we now have two complete translations (Dutch and French), more on the way, and a comprehensive user manual in the works!

So, where to next?

First up, I like having a “small features” release. It gives me a chance to attend to the tweaking that can be overlooked when implementing major features, so I’ve schedule version 0.8 as being the next small features release. I’ve already have a few listed on the Roadmap, but I’m always interested in adding more!

Speaking of the Roadmap, I’m going to have to revise the Due dates that I have listed. These dates were set in November/December last year, and it seems I made them a bit too aggressive – not allowing for beta releases, longer-than-expected development time, et cetera. I’ll be looking at them over the next couple of weeks, if you have any thoughts on it, please leave a comment below.

The next major feature I’m going to be working on is allowing anyone to post jobs. If you have any comments on how you’d like this to work, please post them in this issue.

Finally, do you have any ideas for where you’d like to see Job Manager go? Some of my best feature suggestions have come from the community – you’re the people who are using it in every day life, so I want to know how I can make your life easier. Send me your suggestions through the issue tracker.


  1. Hi,

    Can I job board to my site and charge the customers through paypal for posting jobs. Will your plugin work without altering the layout of my chosen theme.

    appreciate your response.


  2. It is currently not possible to charge people for posting jobs – I plan on adding this in version 0.8.

    The plugin won’t alter the layout of your theme. It will add a new page called “Jobs Listing”, which you can use for setting up a menu link to your jobs list.

  3. Hi,

    I found out that some labels are hardcoded in the database : e g “Salary”, “Location”, etc … . Is it safe to translate them directly in the DB?
    I don’t suppose po files can used for DB translation. If that’s correct, then , that would be good to have extra fields in the for various languages.



  4. You can edit these strings by modifying the labels under “App. Form Settings” in your wp-admin.

    I’ll be looking at adding support for QTranslate in the future, so you can have these labels work with multi-linguage sites.

  5. You can change this by going to Job Manager -> Admin Settings, scrolling down to the “Application Email Settings” box, and selecting appropriate fields for the “From Name” option.

  6. Gary

    Where can I see this plug in in action. My main question is: When someone clicks on the job listing, where does it take that person to? Is it another page on the same site or to another company’s database or site?

  7. Gary:

    When I click on “job manager” I get a note saying i do not have permissions for this section of the job manager. When I add listings, they don’t show on the website. I just get a blank white screen. Help?


  8. I want to translate this into turkish, but in the plugin, I don’t see any english mo or po file to edit.

    Can you please send me download link for english translation.

    I can later on send you back its turkish translation and other people will make use of it.


  9. In Display Settings, you’ll see a Job Listing Template box – this is the HTML that would be displayed on the job list page, with the HTML inside [job_loop] repeated for each job. There’s a bit of documentation in the box to read, but it should explain all the features available.

  10. I have installed the plugin and added a new job but for some reason the job will still not display on the jobs page or come up if I click “View” on the job its self. Sorry I am new to WordPress in general so I may be missing something basic.


  11. How can I translate the labels I did in the created job forms and application form? Do you have any plugin for it? Am using Qtranslate.

  12. Hi,

    We are using this plugin, it working fine, but Comments are not working, please help us to solve this.

    But i can see the error in the log as shown below:

    [03-Apr-2012 13:02:44] WordPress database error Field ‘comment_author’ doesn’t have a default value for query INSERT INTO `crest_comments` (`comment_post_ID`,`comment_author_IP`,`comment_date`,`comment_date_gmt`,`comment_content`,`comment_karma`,`comment_approved`,`comment_type`,`comment_parent`,`user_id`) VALUES (‘641′,”,’2012-04-03 18:32:44′,’2012-04-03 13:02:44′,’sdgadgasg’,’0′,’1′,”,’0′,’1′) made by do_action, call_user_func_array, jobman_list_applications, jobman_application_details_layout, jobman_store_comment, wp_insert_comment


  13. Pagination not working in this plugin..Could you please help me out ?

    It redirect me to page 2, but there is no page like that..

    Need help on this..

    -Suresh M

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