Job Manager 0.3.0 Released

*sniffles* It’s growing up so quickly!

This new release sees a few new features:

  • Framework for supporting additional functionality through plugins
  • Support for Sitemaps, through Google XML Sitemaps
  • POT file added, for translations

On top of that, a pile of bug fixes. The Changelog has all the details.

As always, the Job Manager home page remains the same. If you want to dive right into the action, download it here!

With the addition of the plugin functionality, I’d certainly be interested to hear from other plugin authors who would like to work together.

If you’re bilingual with an urgent need to translate, I’d definitely love to hear from you, too! 🙂


  1. The review seems to like it. A lot. Kudos.

    Now, shouldn’t you be out enjoying the fine Italian air? 🙂

  2. Hi Gary,
    Well done this job manager. However, I am trying to implement it in my wp website and I can create a new job but I cann’t see how I can activate the job onto the website.

    Do I miss more then I expected (story of my life ;-0 )


  3. nice job.
    but its incomplete plugins if i want to ran a real job site.

    please add some feature to compete the job.



    Jobseekers can register their details from a highly user friendly registration form marked with highly flexible Ajax validation.

    Prompt Username availability intimation and Image Validation (Captcha) is added to avoid unnecessary spammers.

    Notification will be sent to the registered email address consisting of their username and password.

    Login facilities before accessing their personal admin private area.

    Can upload and edit / update profile.

    Can post resume (up to 5 resume).

    Upload Win Ms-Word file

    Enter details in the pre-designed form, which helps them listed in search quickly.Add cover letters (up to 5 cover letters) and which they can use later on while applying jobs

    Add Credentials:- They can add unlimited credential certificates to prove their qualification / experience

    Search jobs:- can search darn jobs.They can then apply to the searched jobs instantly, like single jobs or they can even do it for multiple jobs at once

    They can save the jobs and apply later on. The stored jobs will be stored in “Saved Search” folder

    Manage saved Jobs. They can manage saved jobs; saved applications and can use for later stages and also know the relevant status

    Jobs Alerts: – they can subscribe to jobs for desired categories. After which the jobseekers will received emails whenever new jobs are posted in the categories they subscribe from this job alert which enables them send their application for the same

    Summary / Things to do: – This module prompts jobseekers about their details and intimates them for completing things which are left without link. The undone things will be cross-marked as the things which are successfully will be right marked

    Confidentially Settings: – This module gives options to enable/disable their contact details. They can set confidentiality settings in two types that is hide their complete information from being displayed to employers and two they can hide Resume or contact details individually

    Employer can search for jobseekers resumes and its details and they can hide /unhide contact information

    Employers will not be able to search for their resumes, However, they can apply for any number of jobs in their sites

    Default applications settings: The jobseekers can set their resumes and covering letters to default from list resumes and covering letters (up to 5 they created in the site) which they want to use it while applying for jobs. The default resume and covering letter will then be sent to respective employer /consultants whenever jobseekers apply for jobs


    Registration with latest validation facilities.

    Prompt Username availability intimation and Image Validation (Captcha) is added to avoid unnecessary spammers.

    Personal admin area accessible through login.

    Can edit profile, change password… etc.

    Candidate Manager: – It is the most powerful tool/module developed in order to evaluate candidates and help them in screening process. It does work more than ten personnel at once without much monitoring.

    Once jobseekers apply for the posted job it goes to candidate manager’s unprocessed folders and remains there until employer sends further instructions. They can then process the candidates CV’s to pre-screen, short listed, hire, unqualified, rejected, for future reference folders depending on their needs /requirements.

    Once they do the above, an e-mail will be sent to respective candidates intimating them about the actions taken by the employer for their applied jobs.

    Membership plans : There are different levels of membership plans which are assigned by the site admin. Initially after registering the employers will be automatically assigned free membership with all the privileges of free membership plan assigned by the admin.

    They can at any time upgrade this free membership plan to any of the plans given by the site admin. They can either pay the membership plan fee either through online banking called “PAYPAL” or to the account details furnished by the site admin.

    The details of the membership like type, subscribed dated, expiry dated, privileges..etc. from employer’s home page or left menu of their home page.

    An e-mail about their upgraded membership plans will be mailed to employer.

    JOB POSTING : Posting and managing jobs: employers can post their job requirements from job posting module with complete details.

    Can also set scheduled interview date, expiry date, candidate gender, career level, job role, qualifications…etc.

    Can also set apply filter options which enables employers to receive the resumes from candidates matching their posted their criteria.

    They can also select acknowledgement and rejection letters from the list of sample letters for sending e-mails to candidates while applying.

    They can also hide and unhide their contact information.

    Admin Panel

    Site Manager : Site admin can configure the site for site name, site url, email address, PAYPAL email id, default country, default state, site keywords, site meta tags and etc…

    The Referral Commission/Fees can also be set from admin.

    Members Manager: can manage members and edit their profile details and can any time set them active or inactive. Can upgrade their membership plans. And many more extra features are available.

    Employers Manager : Site admin can manage all employers and can any time active or inactivate or can even edit delete etc.

    Jobseekers Manager : Site admin can manage all Jobseekers and can any time active or inactivate or can even edit delete etc.

    Affiliation Manager : Site admin can manage all Affiliations and can any time active or inactivate or can even edit delete etc.

    Membership Manager : Site admin can add unlimited no. of membership plans and set respective privileges to them. Can any time edit or delete.

    Banner Manager : A very strong and highly advance Banner Manager system is provided for the site admin to manage sites ads and banners. The banner management system will not only upload banners but can also upload and configure your Google ads that you may want to run in your site for generating revenues. Above all there are different options which are recently included in the banner management for generating high revenue through banners ads, this features allow site owners to place different banners for employers, jobseekers, affiliation and even home page and other modules separately.

    General options Settings and Editing: Site admin can add and edit following :
    php jobsite
    Can Manage Countries, State, Cities.
    php jobsite
    Can Manage Categories, Property for, ownership details etc.
    php jobsite
    Can Edit Site pages Text like About us, FAQ, Contact us etc.
    php jobsite
    Can upload Site logo.
    php jobsite
    Can have unlimited no. of admin users.
    php jobsite
    And many more hidden features.
    Multiple Admin Privileges: As this module is self explanatory, we won’t talk much about it rather than just saying you can manage your site more confidence by having this Plugin in your site. You can avail the following benefits from this module
    php jobsite Can assign unlimited admin accounts adn can restrict users with following privileges:
    php jobsite All Privilege: This privilege in other words has all the rights for accessing the website. Admin users with this privilege can add, edit, delete and can even send mails
    php jobsite Add Privilege: By having this privilege, users are restricted to just Insertion of records in the admin modules. In other words they are restricted from accessing to modify, delete any records
    php jobsite Edit Privilege: By having this privilege, users are restricted to just modify or updations of records in the admin modules. In other words they are restricted from accessing to inserting, deleting any records
    php jobsite Edit Privilege: By having this privilege, users are restricted to just Deletion of records in the admin modules. In other words they are restricted from accessing to inserting,, updations any records
    php jobsite Read Privilege: By having this privilege, users are restricted to just View admin modules. In other words they are restricted from manipulating any records
    php jobsite Read Privilege: By having this privilege, users are restricted to just Send Emails from the admin modules. In other words they are restricted from manipulating any records

    Also you can attach the CSS file from admin the color scheme of which will reflect through out the site.

    hope you will it…

    best regards


    1. @khokon

      Thankyou for the comprehensive feedback!

      I’m planning on implementing quite a few of the features you’ve suggested, please see the current roadmap.

      I shall certainly take your ideas into account while creating these features!

  4. hi Gary,

    your plugin does look quite interesting. However I miss a documentation to have it working.
    Up to now, I only succeeded to have a 500 error.
    I have no idea on how to solve it by the way !
    any idea is warmly welcomed


    “Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. “

  5. Hi Gary,

    your Job Manager is a very nice and special job that I saw and want to implement into the web presence of a fellow.

    There are 2 remarks, I want to give you

    1.) How can I show Job categories?
    Right now, I am only able to show all jobs “?jobs=all”, but i case I want to show some general category i.e. “?jobs=general”, I jus receive a message, that there are no jobs at all, even though I have jobs in this category.

    2.) Is there any possibility in future to put the job manager into the left or right sidebar, oder to widgetize it, to be able to do so?
    ‘Cause right now I have to customize the navigation in the theme header to see the job manager on top as topic.

    Maybe I did something wrong, maybe these features are missing in the moment.

    And at third and last, if you need german translation for the plug-in, don’t mind to ask me 🙂 As native german I could do this 🙂

  6. @Steffen

    Good to know you like it!

    1) Are you trying to view Job Manager categories or WordPress categories? This is a bit of a confusing point – I’m removing Job Manager categories in 0.4.0, it will only use WordPress categories.

    2) a) Yes, a widget is planned for 0.6.0. Please give feedback there on any other options you’d like.

    b) 0.4.0 will fix the problem of Job Manager not appearing in the page list in your navigation.

    3) Could you specify the error you’re seeing? If it’s an error concerning page.php, Job Manager currently assumes that your page template will be called page.php. 0.4.0 will allow you to change this. In the mean time, you can work around this be either:
    – Editing jobman-display.php line #93 to use the correct template.
    – Copying your page template file to page.php.

    I’d certainly love help with the German translation! The jobman.pot file in the translations directory of your installation is the current version. Let me know if you need anything else.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Job Manager 0.4.0 is currently due out late December. The functionality will be fairly similar to 0.3.x, I’m using this release to re-write the backend storage, to fit in with the WordPress data storage scheme, and to fix some of the problems users are having with the plugin working outside of the WP data storage scheme.

  8. Thanks Gary, for Job Manager.

    Some people seem to forget this is a free plugin, so I am sure there are things you can do to make it better, I hope people keep this in mind regarding this product.

    *Disclaimer* I do not know Gary, just felt compelled to say something after reading the feedback from the previous users.

  9. @Robert

    Good to know you enjoy the plugin!

    I know it’s a free plugin, and it has the potential for other people to make quite a bit of money off it – I’m cool with that.

    I’m always happy to get feedback and suggestions from users, though! I do accept patches, and I’m happy to discuss sponsored features, if the development schedule isn’t to someone’s liking! 😉

  10. i need some php scripts for registration page includes like username,password,gender,photo upload,qualifiaction,technologies,countries,state.

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