Our Valve Overlords

So, it seems that Valve Software are yet again trying to stop people from gaining new weapons in Team Fortress 2. The Scout update was released yesterday, and people want to try out the new weapons a quickly as possible. As per normal, the targets were those who used the Steam Achievement Manager.

Dear Valve, here’s a hint: if I wanted to grind away for hours to get new weapons, I’d be playing World of Warcraft.

As with last time, only a handful of people are reporting their weapons being taken away from them. This isn’t a deterrent, it barely rates as news.

Valve, I implore you, don’t go down this road. We know you’re trying to encourage people to play more, that you want to reward regular players. The fact is, not all of us have copious quantities of spare time to devote to playing each class. We just want to try out the new weapons, have a bit of a mess around, then go about our lives.

A recurring comment is that you want people to gain achievements through their regular game play, that it should come as a surprise. I ask you, then, what is more in line with your philosophy: unlocking just the weapons using the Steam Achievement Unlocker, or grinding them out on achievement servers, blowing the fun of the achievements on repetitive work, rather than fun?

For reference, I used the unlocker, and I still have my weapons. Same as every other pack.

And for those wondering why I’m posting this on my blog that almost certainly isn’t being read by the TF2 team, it’s just a public copy of a similar email I’ve sent to Valve. They’ve been good about listening to public feedback in the past, I’m hoping that this time is no exception. If you feel the same, send an email to Gabe Newell.

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  1. its true either way there is going to be people who cheat to get the achivements

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