Don’t use GoDaddy Hosting

It will only cause you pain.

To give a brief description of the problems I had:

  • Apache is horribly slow. To the point that some RSS readers were having problems subscribing to my blog.
  • Apache setup is weird, and causes all sorts of problems.
  • FTP access is mind-boggling slow, only allows one connection at a time, and at one point, wouldn’t let me download directories.
  • MySQL is sickeningly slow.
  • More expensive than better hosts.
  • Really bad web interface for site management.

Now, I’m happily away from them. Never again.


  1. And there you have it, folks:
    ‘Renowned MySql developer says on his blog: “MySQL is sickeningly slow.” ‘

    1. Is… is… is that bad?

      What’s a DNS? Is it like DNA for a computer or something?


      Anyway, sucks to be you. Not that you need it anyway. There’s plenty of ways to hijack DNS requests with a redirect to You could knock it up in your sleep, and redirect everyone accessing here… 😀

  2. I am in the middle of sloooowdaddy hell at the moment. I understand what you are saying. I have been trying to get a lousy SSL certificate installed for a week. every time I ring there is a new excuse. It’s getting to the point where I am continually whining on twitter. I hope tomorrow it will be fixed. We have a delayed marketing campaign which is costing us sales revenue.

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