MySQL is People!

I went skydiving yesterday. Here’s a short video of me voluntarily leaving an airborne and perfectly sound aeroplane:

What does this have to do with MySQL? Well, over the past few weeks there have been a bunch of conspiracy theories bouncing around. There are various topics, but the two favourite at the moment happen to be Oracle’s plans for MySQL, and the licensing of the MySQL documentation. There has been a long history of conspiracies surrounding MySQL, from Oracle’s original purchase of InnoDB, to our decision to create the Enterprise edition of the server, through to our long and bumpy release cycle.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not making any calls to stifle discussion, I’m a big fan of community input. I was a member of the community before I joined MySQL, and I like to think that I still am. But I would like it if we could at least think about conspiracy theories before posting about them. We’re all people here at MySQL, we have evenings and weekends and lives just like you. Some of us are crazy enough to do silly things like jumping out of aeroplanes. We’re not out to get you, and we’re certainly not planning on turning into some sort of faceless corporate stereotype. We’re here to do what we love, creating and supporting a really good product.

Oh, and how do you know this isn’t some corporate play to make us seem human? Well, it’s 9:30pm on a Sunday night here, I’m yet to find a company who could pay me well enough to be shilling for them. But MySQL happens to be a group of people I like enough to defend them on my own time.