Introducing: Linkify for Chrome

In WordPress 4.2, a fun little feature was quietly snuck into Core, I’m always delighted to see people’s reactions when they discover it.

But there’s still a problem – WordPress is only ~26% of the internet, how can you get the same feature on the other 74%? Well, that problem has now been rectified. Introducing, Linkify for Chrome:

Thank you to Davide for creating Linkify’s excellent icon!

Linkify is a Chrome extension to automatically turn a pasted URL into a link, just like you’re used to in WordPress. It also supports Trac and Markdown-style links, so you can paste links on your favourite bug trackers, too.

Speaking of bug trackers, if there are any other link formats you’d like to see, post a ticket over on the Linkify GitHub repo!

Oh, and speaking of Chrome extensions, you might be like me, and find the word “emojis” to be extraordinarily awkward. If so, I have another little extension, just for you.

Tabs in Firefox 4 (aka, I can’t believe it’s not Chrome)

First up, if you’re not sure how, Lifehacker has a great reference on where to find your userChrome.css file.

One of the things I love about Google Chrome is that it shows all the tabs at once – even if it has to get really squishy. By default, Firefox limits them to 100px wide, then starts scrolling. Since Firefox 2.0, you’ve been able to use browser.tabs.tabMinWidth to disable this. As of Firefox 4.0b2, however, this functionality has been moved to userChrome.css. Add the following CSS to your userChrome.css to make it act the same as Chrome:

Another great feature of Chrome is having the tabs in the title bar, as it reduces wasted space. Again, you can get the same functionality very easily with Firefox 4, by adding the following to your userChrome.css:

Note that I’ve tweaked this for Windows 7 – you may need to alter the values for other platforms. Feel free to post your tweaks in the comments!

As a bonus, here’s a screenshot of these tweaks in action – lets play “guess which websites Gary has open”.

Firefox Tabs.png

UPDATE: 2010-09-08: Firefox 4 beta 5 changed how this worked a little bit, so I’ve updated the userChrome.css code.