Upgrading MySQL with minimal downtime through Replication

Problem With the release of MySQL 5.1, many DBAs are going to be scheduling downtime to upgrade their MySQL Server. As with all upgrades between major version numbers, it requires one of two upgrade paths: Dump/reload: The safest method of upgrading, but it takes out your server for quite some time, especially if you have… Continue reading Upgrading MySQL with minimal downtime through Replication

pento.net goes mobile!

With a bit of fiddling around, I’ve found a good combination of WordPress plugins for mobile support. For iPhone/iPod: WPtouch. Lots of options, looks good on the iPhone browser. For all other mobiles: WP-viewMobile. This one is particularly handy, because it gives you the option to define the user agent strings it should activate for.… Continue reading pento.net goes mobile!

Permissions by interface on the local server

I had an issue come up recently that involved some confusion over permissions for the same user, connecting through different interfaces. For example, say you have a server with the public IP address of You could connect to it from the local machine using the following commands: shell> mysql -h localhost # Connects through… Continue reading Permissions by interface on the local server

Don’t use GoDaddy Hosting

It will only cause you pain. To give a brief description of the problems I had: Apache is horribly slow. To the point that some RSS readers were having problems subscribing to my blog. Apache setup is weird, and causes all sorts of problems. FTP access is mind-boggling slow, only allows one connection at a… Continue reading Don’t use GoDaddy Hosting