The Mission: Democratise Publishing

It’s exciting to see the Drupal Gutenberg project getting under way, it makes me proud of the work we’ve done ensuring the flexibility of the underlying Gutenberg architecture. One of the primary philosophies of Gutenberg’s technical architecture is platform agnosticism, and we can see the practical effects of this practice coming to fruition across a… Continue reading The Mission: Democratise Publishing

General Ann Dunwoody is Joining Automattic! 🤩

I’m excited that General Dunwoody is joining the Automattic board: not just for the new perspective to help bring different ideas, but also for how important diversity is to her. Personally, I’ve found that my work is only improved when I’m working with a diverse group of people, who don’t think, or act, or look… Continue reading General Ann Dunwoody is Joining Automattic! 🤩

Indoor Skydiving

Dear Diary, Today I went skydiving, whilst barely leaving the ground. It was a bunch of fun. <3, Gary.

An Automattic Adventure

Today I officially begin my role as a TransCoder (This title is a terrible geeky pun. Blame Matt.) at Automattic. As a TransCoder, I’ll be doing new and exciting things with VideoPress, our video hosting service. For the last 4 years or so, I’ve been working at MySQL (which was swallowed by Sun, which in… Continue reading An Automattic Adventure