Welcome, SkySQL!

It seems the SkySQL website just went live, which I hope will breath some life back into the MySQL ecosphere – it’s been a while since there’s been some new competition, especially in the style of classic MySQL services.

For those too lazy to read the SkySQL site, the services offered are similar to what you’d be familiar with from Oracle:

  • SkySQL’s Consulting and Training are pretty much the same as Oracle’s existing offerings, though a bit more limited. I expect this to grow as SkySQL grows, however.
  • SkySQL’s Support has been simplified slightly, removing the equivalent of MySQL Enterprise Gold support.
  • They are offering monitoring and query editing, (which Oracle offers with MySQL Enterprise Monitor, and MySQL Workbench) through what I can only assume are branded versions of Webyog‘s MONyog and SQLyog. A smart move on their part – rather than having to develop something in house on a startup budget and timeframe, they can offer a mature product off the bat.

Sadly, prices aren’t listed, so we can’t really compare that.

I do hope to see SkySQL evolve further – I count many of SkySQL’s founding employees as friends, and I know they won’t stop at just offering the same services as Oracle. I’m always a fan of a bit of friendly competition! 🙂

Lycka till, SkySQL!